VisionSpring - Project management, communications, video production, graphic design

The Glacier Trust: Coffee in Duesa - Video filming/editing for a 20-minute documentary + photography
frank news - An interview with Morgan Phillips of The Glacier Trust on coffee production as a form of adaptation in Nepal and overlapping climate solutions

HerStory Foundation - Web design, social media, graphic design, photography

Ashoka Innovators for the Public - Layout design, graphic design, project management for a young adult graphic novel

The Abinta Kabir Foundation - Photography and layout design

Phool: flower women - Images and text from working in communications for Phool (prev. HelpUsGreen)

Writing sample - Bust Town Ohio, published on Climate Tracker

Coffee. Climate. Community. 

Deusa, Nepal.
Commissioned for The Glacier Trust in collaboration with EcoHimal.

My work included pre-production organization (logistics, script-writing, shot list), filming for one week on location (including interviewing, translating, and managing sound production), post-production and editing (organizing all media files, editing multiple versions of the film, working with team members on translation and subtitling, sound editing and color-correcting) and distribution coordination. I also created four 30-second cuts for social media.

“In the remote community of Deusa, fifty miles south of Mount Everest, an organising effort is underway. A group of farmers are changing the way they relate to the land and to the global economic structures that have held them in poverty for so long. What they are doing to simultaneously adapt to climate change and to eradicate poverty may provide a model that other Himalayan communities can follow. This is their story.”