VisionSpring - Project management, communications, video production, graphic design

The Glacier Trust: Coffee in Duesa - Video filming/editing for a 20-minute documentary + photography
frank news - An interview with Morgan Phillips of The Glacier Trust on coffee production as a form of adaptation in Nepal and overlapping climate solutions

HerStory Foundation - Web design, social media, graphic design, photography

Ashoka Innovators for the Public - Layout design, graphic design, project management for a young adult graphic novel

The Abinta Kabir Foundation - Photography and layout design

Phool: flower women - Images and text from working in communications for Phool (prev. HelpUsGreen)

Writing sample - Bust Town Ohio, published on Climate Tracker


Global Communications Associate

I lead communications and design organization-wide, and manage a graphic designer based in India. I create annual, quarterly, and program reports, pitch decks, and fundraising resources. I created COVID-19 IEC design materials for a campaign that reached over 100k individuals.

I manage video projects from ideation and scriptwriting to logistics and post-production editing. I am responsible for hiring global photographers, training teams on storytelling and consent, and maintaining a photo library.

I write blog posts, draft articles for media, and conduct interviews with team members.