Meleah Moore

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Meleah Moore

Ashoka Innovators for the Public

September 2017 - February 2019

Ashoka India
Annual Report 2017-2018

I designed graphics and layout for this 100-page report, working across project teams to curate and organize the annual impact. The layout is cohesive but gives distinction to each unique program. I created all pie graphics and infographics from qualitative data and designed “Understanding the Ashoka Universe” - a visual of Ashoka’s organizational structure and impact.  I also helped compile visual resources and make images for future reports organized and easy to locate.

Ashoka Global

The Unlonley Planet: How Ashoka Accelerates Impact, Results of the 2018 Global Fellows Study

This report was an international study of Ashoka Fellow’s impact. I worked with a team based in the DC office to

transform a text-heavy document into a visual report with data graphics. I helped organize the raw data, copyedit and source images from Fellows. This report was distributed to all offices and over 3,500 Fellows worldwide.

Ashoka India
Project Manager and Layout Designer for #ChangeStartsYoung

#CSY is a book to inspire young people to become changemakers in their communities.

I managed the producton of this graphic novel, working with two illustrators and a storyteller. I also created the layout of the publication, worked directly with the teens whose stories we told to ensure accuracy, wrote the reflection pages and copyedited.

I also created the website for the book, and created all the marketing content including writing and design.

Available on Amazon here.
A preview of the book is available here.